Tuesday, November 27, 2007

my sister zana

rosie and ren and one of their famous poses...

me and my hubby

stella was such a terror running all around, she wouldn't take any more pictures..... so sad we miss our girl....

oma and pappa

my mom and dad and all 13 of their grandchildren..... so cute....

my brother guy

guy, ita, rio, sage, and sadie shepard... the corona clan....

my brother rhett

rhett, leslie. and chloe shepard family.... the talega trio...

shepard family pictures

jereme, stella, zana, and tana starting us out outside the san juan mission

Friday, November 23, 2007

thanksgiving 2007

so happy thanksgiving to everyone..... we had such a wonderful thanksgiving at my mom's house... we had a full house, my father and sister in law were with us this year.. it was such an amazing dinner, to watch my mom cook all that food was so amazing... she loves to cook for her family... so stella and i spent the night at my mom's on wednesday, we ordered in pick up sticks and we help my mom start her famous zuccini bread... actually abbey rilla was helping while summer and i were there to keep them company... this is always our favorite night thanksgiving eve, i love waking up to the smell of food cooking in the kithcen and music playing... we did miss our dad, but he was up playing in the turkey bowl and then came over early.... i put stella to bed that night and abbey and i went to see august rush which was an amaizng movie.... so romantic, i loved it and would highly recomend it.. i'm not sure if abbey loved it since she fell asleep..... we also went to see enchanted on thursday night, very cute... so jereme got all our christmas lights up this morning and stella and i tried to help but kinda just got in the way... they look great... we are so excited for cristmas... i love the holidays.....

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

tag i am it......

places i have lived
yorba linda, ca
provo, ut
irvine, ca
ladera ranch, ca

carlton hair international
mcgraths' fish house

movies i can watch over and over
dirty dancing
sixteen candles
the notebook
devil wears prada

guilty pleasures
chocolate milk
spending money

favorite tv shows
sex and the city
brothers and sisters
grey's anatomy

favorite vacation
new york

i'd rather be......
at burke williams
shopping at fashion island
snoozing upstairs with no interuptions
hanging with my family

i'd like to learn how to.......
cook like my mother
be a morning person
be a crafty housewife
be the best mom

happy moments
when stella falls asleep peacefully
when my house get's clean
jereme stella and i hanging out- no pressure
stella comes to nurse in bed with me in the morning

i tag tierny,summer, zana, & jen

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

tana the monkey

look at her go.... she is in charge and don't get in her way.......

park day

so we went to the park and tana and stella were having so much fun until tana threw some sand into to stella eyes..... stella was very sad... she kept her distance for awhile.... i must say tana rules the park... she runs up and down and even does pull ups on the bar... she is such a little monkey climbing up and down the jungle gym... crazy girl...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

summer's halloween party

so halloween was such a blast besides the fact i woke up with pink eye in both eyes.... i didn't need a costume because i was a scary monster with red eyes... i got drops so it's getting better... so as you can see everyone had so much fun... we missed our sister zana, she had to work at the hospital but her husband ren came to represent... everyone got lots of candy trick or treating, stella had her first sucker and thought she was in heaven... she was so tired she slept all night until seven am which is very rare so that was a dream for me.... so sad halloween is over but now we have the holidays to look forward to.....

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stella star, montana and lucy..... how cute are they?