Wednesday, August 29, 2007

so stella loves her little walker that her cousin montana let her borrow.... she is walking all over the house with some assistance of course..she'll be walking on her own shortly. she is a little monkey, she is so fast i just can't keep up with her... i just changed her seats now she is in the britax marathon and she loves it.. she feels like a queen in her big seat. i wasn't exactly sure how to install correctly so i had this lady come over who was certified in car seat safey to help me... she was amazing, she was cute and lived right here in mission viejo. i learned soooo much from her. by the way i had it installed incorrectly and my peg perego was installed incorrectly too for the past nine months, so scary.. now my girl is safe in the car with her mama.. i would highly recommend her if you had any problems or question... well worth the time and money..

Friday, August 24, 2007

k this is jereme's favorite photo of his girl... stella was rocking out to daddy's music on the way to italy... she did so well on the long flight.. we went on a 10 day cruise all around italy this summer.... it was so amazing, we loved every city but our favorite was florence and rome.. so much history, so much to see and not enough time.. we loved gelato and coca cola light's... jereme found a place here in oc that you can get them at sprinkle in newport. i have been there twice and they were out both times but luckily they had plenty of cup cakes.. so yummy.. we can't wait to go back to europe hopefully sooner than later but who knows now that stella is becoming a handful.. but she does love to travel just like her momma...

i have never seen stella so excited.... she was at lucy's 3 year old birthday party... she thought she was a big girl loving every minute. i can't believe how time flys, she just turned 10 months. ta ta for now my girl is having a fit..

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

i am so excited about blogging... my sister zana got me into this and i can't wait to blog. i have so many things to say and so many pictures to share.. my niece abbey who is 9 going on 18 is so excited for her mom summer to set hers up too.. she is one of us, we had such a fun day today eating at tk burgers, shopping at pavillons, and now blogging at my sister's (jen) beautiful beach house. we are here until sunday celebrating my mom's birthday, so excited. ta ta for now..

my two favorite people