Monday, August 17, 2009

flowers anyone....

lake las vegs

this past week we went boating and stayed at a resort called lake las vegas with the macs, shepards, hancocks, and oma...  we went boating during the day and walked down for dinners and ice cream each night..  stella loved swimming in the lake and drake loved the boat rides that was until we left his binkie in the car and he had a major melt down, poor guy..  such a blast, until next year.. 
me and my girl
jenny and the girls
there's poppy fyi he didn't get sunburned
drake and his oma and monkey of course
ita, rio, and sassy 

navy knight

how cute is my little navy knight...  we miss her so much...  we just booked our flights to go see her... stella is so excited to fly in a airplane..