Monday, June 9, 2008

zana in town

so zana has came and gone and stella misses her so much... she yells around the house zana where are you???? she loves her auntie zana and uncle ren... zana we had soooo much fun together.... hosum, fashion island, pink berry, south coast, the horses, rummy (we are the champs), movies, popcorn, diet coke.... too many memories for me to tell... i just want to let you know how much i love you... you are such a good little wife to your husband and even though he moved you so far away we will
ALWAYS be close and have so much fun together... our last little fun before my life changes with drake on his way... i know i'll see you soon i just miss you so much... love you

sisters week at the beach

zana came down to town for the week and we had such a blast... we packed our bags and headed down to the beach house for the week.. we had one sisters night, went to tk's played silly rummy watched the bachelorette and stayed up super late just laughing and hanging out.. so fun.. jen and summer had to go home to their familys but luckily ren and jereme came to us... we were so happy our dad came to stay all three nights because our mom is still in spain with our brother guy and his family... he misses her sooo much but we took good care of him... we took the jimmy and went to the island which we love, did a little shopping, had a little lunch, got some candy... we missed you summer and jen, it wasn't the same with out you guys... stella was very lonely with out lucy and tana...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

baby drake update

my due date is approaching so soon... i went to the doctor and we set up a day for induction... if all goes well i will be induced monday july 14th. i was induced with stella 10 days early as well because my fluids were low so my doctor would like to do the same... so that is very exciting for the snyder family.. stella is very excited to be a big sister, she is practicing with her baby dolls..