Saturday, October 27, 2007

stella's first trunk or treat

so we had trunk or treat tonight and stella had a blast.... she was so cute in her little fairy princess costume.. she loved getting ready... we put her hair in a little updo and put some glitter on her face and she just kept smile at herself in the mirror.. so she doesn't get the whole trick or treat thing but she loves her pink pumpkin, she held it all night..... her cousins montana and lucy have the same costume so they will be 3 fairy princess's on halloween, so excited....


so my best friend jodi's daughter natalia and stella share the same birthday, oct 17... they are exactly 4 years apart and they have such a special bond... we took them to disneyland together and had so much fun.. we went on dumbo, the teacups and the haunted mansion. so fun......

Friday, October 19, 2007

Sunday, October 14, 2007

more new york photos

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

bagels in nyc

so we went for our early morning ny bagels and diet coke, tasted so good.... stella loved to walked the streets of new york...

fao schwartz

so stella had such a blast in the very huge toy store... we let her run around like a wild child.... we could of spent lots of money there, so much fun stuff....

date night play and dinner

so we went to see legally blonde and we both loved it.... it was such a fun play, we laughed the entire time... we love elle woods.. so oma stayed in to babysitt stella, she slept the entire time.. we had dinner reservations at tao at 12:15 so we were out late... it's crazy the city is so alive so late... we celebrated our 4 year anniversary, it was such a fun night..

mom in NYC

sitting in our hotel lobby at the W time square before dinner.... went to bobby van's steak house for dinner and then enjoyed some tasty delight.. so good...

new york city

this is stella playing in a new york city play ground... she had so much fun... there were so many nanny's and tons of kids.. we then went to magnolia bakery to get cup cakes and milk..... yummy